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The SANDPIT Lab brings together researchers from a range of disciplines, e.g. Developmental Psychology, Psychiatry, Epidemiology and Biostatistics. If you are interested in joining our Lab or volunteering in our projects please contact us.



Previous lab members

Dr Nicola Wright (Postdoc)

Dr Tamsin Sharp (Postdoc)

Dr Hannah Pickard (Postdoc)

Dr Celeste Cheung (Postdoc)

Dr Sinead Morrison (DClin Psy Student)

Dr Ana Maria Portugal (PhD student)

Dr Alex Hendry (PhD student)

Dr Valeria Abreu Minero (PhD student)

Bath Babylab volunteers:

Paige Stephens, Meklit Gurmesa, Lu Barnes-Taylor, Lucy Docherty, Lauren Woods, Chloe Rice, Inara Merali, Shimin Wang, Charlotte Gregory, Billie Dale, Manting Tan, Leah Jenkins, Katie Baulcombe, Jessica Stacey

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